Mission Statement

Soccer Quest offers quality professional coaching for all levels of players from 3 to 83 years old. We offer a fun environment where parents can relax and watch their children learn the good habits needed to develop into becoming top players, through the teaching of our paid, full time, qualified licensed Coaches. Our adult programs are structured to offer parity at all levels thereby creating a fun and competitive environment enjoyed by all player


Over the past 2 decades we have grown and continue to grow the game of soccer in Kamloops and the surrounding areas for all ages and genders at all levels. We encourage players in our Youth programs to play at the highest levels possible in accordance with their ability, increasing their chances of attaining scholarships and even playing professionally


Our main value is parity. We believe that players & parents must enjoy coming out to play, train and socialize to develop a love of the game. Soccer Quest has parents who have never played before and are now making their own teams or joining teams to play in our various programs and events. Our youth players play at the level most suitable for them by ability, not age restrictions.

Target Market/ Services Offered

Soccer Quest offers programs for all ages and levels. The programs are run by fully licensed, professional Coaches, BC soccer accredited Referees and administrative staff and both indoor and outdoor programs are available. If we see a market that has not been developed in the game, we strive to create a program for that market.

The Company

Soccer Quest is a private for-profit company and has been involved in the game in Canada for the past 40 years. The President and Technical Director is Dave Spendlove, the first full time club head Coach appointed in BC in 2001. Our staff members are paid, which makes them responsible and accountable. There are currently several fully licensed Coaches and apprentice licensed/ certified Coaches who are working towards achieving full license levels. It can take several years to reach the Soccer Quest standards for level of coaching and in recognition of the time and commitment involved in attaining our standards Soccer Quest assists their Coaches both professionally and financially to reach these goals.

All program decision making is done by the owner after consultation with our professional coaching and administrative staff

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